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February 27, 2008


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Shauntelle Bonman

All of these facts, clearly demonstrate the human body's irrefutable complexity and organization. Anatomy and physiology blatantly and solidly illustrate how random chance, and evolution are far fectched fantasies and unsupported by truth.


That is an amazing article and some really cool facts. Thanks for sharing. I found some cool health and nutrition trivia at http://www.answerblip.com/health-and-nutrition-information-facts-and-tips thought you might find it interesting.



While it is generally true that nerve cells don't grow back, some studies suggest that neurogenesis (the growth of new neural cells) occurs in adults in the para-ventricular area of the brain and the hippocampus. For more info check out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neurogenesis

However, I do think a few of these facts are incorrect or distorted--though most seem to match what I've seen elsewhere

Kayla (YumiMuffin)

My reponse to 94:
That is FALSE. You CAN tickle yourself. One time my hand was numb, and I ran it over my leg, and yes, I WAS tickled.

Take that, sucker!


#96 is wrong... elephants produce emotional tears! FAIL


wow this is coooooollll :)

Denver Chiropractor

That should be a whole required class in school. People would be more health conscious because of it.


Wow! I used this stuff for my school newspaper and it was a big hit, my health teacher (who is a sponsor of the newspaper) thought it was the best article ever written!

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The nervous system is an organ system containing a network of specialized cells called neurons that coordinate the actions of an animal and transmit signals between different parts of its body. In most animals the nervous system consists of two parts, central and peripheral. The central nervous system contains the brain and spinal cord. The peripheral nervous system consists of sensory neurons, clusters of neurons called ganglia, and nerves connecting them to each other and to the central nervous system. These regions are all interconnected by means of complex neural pathways.

Neurons send signals to other cells as electrochemical waves travelling along thin fibers called axons, which cause chemicals called neurotransmitters to be released at junctions called synapses. A cell that receives a synaptic signal may be excited, inhibited, or otherwise modulated. Sensory neurons are activated by physical stimuli impinging on them, and send signals that inform the central nervous system of the state of the body and the external environment. Motor neurons, situated either in the central nervous system or in peripheral ganglia, connect the nervous system to muscles or other effector organs. Central neurons, which in vertebrates greatly outnumber the other types, make all of their input and output connections with other neurons. The interactions of all these types of neurons form neural circuits that generate an organism's perception of the world and determine its behavior. Along with neurons, the nervous system contains other specialized cells called glial cells (or simply glia), which provide structural and metabolic support.

Nervous systems are found in most multicellular animals, but vary greatly in complexity.
Sponges have no nervous system, although they have homologs of many genes that play crucial roles in nervous system function, and are capable of several whole-body responses, including a primitive form of locomotion. Placozoans and mesozoans—other simple animals that are not classified as part of the subkingdom Eumetazoa—also have no nervous system. In Radiata (radially symmetric animals such as jellyfish) the nervous system consists of a simple nerve net. Bilateria, which include the great majority of vertebrates and invertebrates, all have a nervous system containing a brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves.


great i got my fact for higher ground thanks


thats completly inaccurate about the number of muscles that it takes to smle and frown! learn the anatomy of the face


Unusual.... almost weird :) Great information- Thank you.


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The primate brain contains the same structures as the brains of other mammals, but is considerably larger in proportion to body size.Most of the enlargement comes from a massive expansion of the cortex, focusing especially on the parts subserving vision and forethought.The visual processing network of primates is very complex, including at least 30 distinguishable areas, with a bewildering web of interconnections. Taking all of these together, visual processing makes use of about half of the brain. The other part of the brain that is greatly enlarged is the prefrontal cortex, whose functions are difficult to summarize succinctly, but relate to planning, working memory, motivation, attention, and executive control.


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sweet info although i already knew like half of it


hello can i steal that article?


delightful. now to test my liver's strength...


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Anatomy and physiology blatantly and solidly illustrate how random chance, and evolution are far fectched fantasies and unsupported by truth.

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Yap Pretty cool post. I just came by your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your posts. Thanks for sharing! keep it up!


wow amazing facts.. thanks for it..

Octaviea Gerbe

these facts are so cool i didnt no any of that thanks for all the info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :)


cool stuff! we are very complex! lfc rule david tennant is gorgeous


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You have got some great posts in your blog. I will be visiting again.

Veera Gupta

Where did you get your facts? They are great and I want to use them but I need a source.

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The new line is absolutely stunning! I have been so entertained by your blog, It's very beneficial for me and it's filled with information. keep smiling and take care!

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This is just exactly what I'm looking for! Thanks a lot for these 100 facts!


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Thanks for posting, I really enjoyed your most recent post. I think you should post more often, you obviously have natural ability for blogging!


Blogs are hardly primary source material. This looks like the stuff that you'd normally get on email, half of which is unsupported anecdotal info. And just about everyone who wrote on here believes it.


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