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February 29, 2008


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kayleigh wilde

i still dont get it!!!how strong wud it be?i need to know how to make vodka,not how to flavour it!!!lol wb

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Since there are a number of choices for flavor, there are tons of ways to prepare your fresh materials. If working with fruit, be sure to expose the flesh. This means slicing into things like melons and strawberries,

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Vodka distillers have caught onto the craze, but for the most part they've stuck to common flavors like citrus.

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You should start with simple fruits like bananas and apples, or any other fruit that is classified as B/D (beginner foods). The reason you should start with these particular ones are because they are virtually hypoallergenic and carry a very low risk of your child having an allergic reaction. You should delay introducing citrus fruits and strawberries as these are more prone to causing allergic reactions.


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I'm Confused. You said 'removing the rinds of fruit like mangoes' but in the picture it shows citrus fruit still with the rind on.


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