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March 30, 2008


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That was mooooving.

BPM Training

Self milking cow is unbelievable!!!!But would be nice if it comes true!!!!

Land Rover Middle East

Oh God!!!Its incredible!!!Speechless on seeing the self milking cow!!!

Lexus Middle East

Its a miracle thing that happen and i ever heared. Interesting blog!


This video is now almost three years old. It was first posted on Google. I commented on the video at that time. This Manoj Bhargava is putting his video every where. I saw the video on Mozilla and I was not even watching or looking for videos. First of all there is no such name as Bhargava in India. It is Vhargava. This man has become a new man by Becming Bhargav instead of Bhargava. He is in Idiot. He is itting with a pan in his hand and the milk is trickling out of the teats of the Cow. Obviously he has widened the teats holes with a tooth pick. But he has not widened enough. If he is going to widen them he needs to do it more so that the milk will come out of the teats with force. And then all he'd need to do is to apply a little pressure on the teats with his hands and the udder will be emptied in a second instead of in an hour like in the video. Lots of people have done it. I've done it to the teats of many cows. Only problem is when there will be milk in the udders and the cows sit down the milk will be forced out of the teats. I bet this cow leaks milk all the time if she is still alive. But why do you need self milking cows. There are robots for people who do not want to hire labor to milk the cows. Michigan State University has Roboots to milk the cows. Yet he hires substantial staff to supervise the cows. Robots can't feed the cows. It can't order the feed. It can't determine that funding would be there when it is need. This Manoj is really an ignorant uneducated villager from India.


The picture of the cow at the left hand side at the gtop is not the picture of self milking Radha shown in the video. That cow is from another video on Utube. She is not a self milking Cow Radha. Radha is not white with black spots like the other cow. What is Manoj trying to do. impress people by showing nice teats and a nice udder?

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