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April 05, 2008


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this is CRAZY. the tunnel one is actually really cool. scary, but i wouldn't mind walking it! it reminds me of High Ground from Halo 3 for some reason....great post!

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WOW....Great captures!!They seems to be scary !!And the tunnel one in Chain is very cool!!!Looks beautiful!!Tons and tons of thanks for sharing us!!!

Account Deleted

I have been to the Bolivian Road with a public bus about a year ago. It was very foggy in between. The bus had to reverse many times (one time it was hair raising when one of the wheels was hanging over the cliff) and the people in the bus were screaming. It was an scary experience.

Dennise Pinley

If these roads are all necessary to get from one point to another in those places, then one can just imagine the thrill and fear people feel before their journey starts. Those underdeveloped roads and steep curbs will leave anyone terrified terrified? The name "Road of Death" is quite befitting. Good thing we don't have much of those here. But with the prevalence of road accidents, it may be just as dangerous. The difference though is that when people get into an accident, they can turn to authorities for help.

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