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May 05, 2008


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Truly, Thank God it won't be George Bush!!! But why don't you see that this is a Facist Regigme now? The next president has already most likely been decided. The ruling elite has a strangle hold on everyone, and naturally 90% of the population - being the sheeple they are - won't see it untill it's way too late (or is it already too late)? We're about where Nazi Germany was about 10 years before Hitler. Can Obama bring about these big changes he talks about? Only if the Amerikkkan people help. (exuse me while I break out in laughter).... America lost it's freedoms because they don't deserve them.


I think that who we have running now are the best three choices that we have had for as long as I can remember. McCain is by far the best Republican out there (if you have to include one) and both Hillary and Obama are both top choices.

I'm an Independent but I would like to see Obama as President just to get this nation back in the right direction. Both Hillary and McCain offer too much of the same.

But you are right - at least it's not Bush - the worst in history.

As far as the Republicans go they have ruined any credibility or votes for me as long as I live until they kick the right wing religious nuts out.


kucinich would have made the best president but was not taken seriously by the media giving him little chance with the public. sadly, americans allow the media to tell them which few candidates its going to be. we then get to choose one of their few. WOW.


I was one of the Ron Paul supporters. I loved most of his ideas and they really were intelligent.

The problem was that they threatened the status quo so the news and political machine made him look silly.

Also there was the problem that his image just wasn't very presidental... he wasn't smooth enough and that's a major thing you need to win.

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