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June 03, 2008


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I am a lifelong Democrat. I am also a senior voter who happens to be white. My first electoral choice was John Edwards with Clinton as a close second. As a disappointed Clinton supporter I am faced with the option of supporting Obama and a yet to be determined running mate or possibly an Obama and Clinton ticket. Option one is a resounding no. Being an eloquent speaker does not prove leadership. I feel his lack of experience and naivety makes him ill equipped to lead. Nowhere has he expressed competence in addressing the real issues like the economy, Iraq, health care, global warming to name just a few. Option two is a maybe, Hillary would solidify Obama's presidency as well as be an independent voice within his administration not to mention bring together polarized factions of the party. Lastly, no vote (which would be unthinkable) which will be what I will do, or change parties and vote for McCain who is clearly an extension of our current administration. To me, race is not the issue, the survival of my country is.

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