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June 08, 2008


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Mark Thomas

Complete crap




This is very real, and you can try this with only two cell phones and a raw egg. The egg will cook in 2 minutes.


No it doesn't. Snopes it. It's complete BS.


The maximum power a GSM cell phone can lawfully emit is 2 watts, and that's not directional. Even if in some fairytale world phones emited max power in a tightly focused beam at the popcorn, and the popcorn could magically absorb 100% of that energy, it still wouldn't get warm let alone pop. Now return to the real world and realize that actual phones don't emit narrow directional beams, they don't transmit at maximum power during normal use, and popcorn doesn't absorb all of the energy, and you can see how this is a total hoax. Plus modern digital phones emit a fraction of the power of first-generation analog models, so if it was this easy to demonstrate physical harm with today's lower-power phones, people's heads would have been exploding since the 80's. Pure nonsense. http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/?p=84


this is true. It only takes 6 cellphones pointed at a cat and the cat will die. Unfortunately some people find this funny, but the cat doesn't.


Clearly a hoax. Anyone who believes this is even remotely possible knows jack shit about science.


In the second video the table they are using is heated. So I'm callin BS.
That kind of table is called a "Kotatsu". Wikipedia link:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kotatsu


Zeke you got me to laugh at that one!


If you notice you never see under the table..anyone can be under there with a lighter making the table hot..


i'll perform my own experiment and decide for myself.


Hello to all!

It was a viral for a bluetooth device, see here :)



Not only is this completely fake and untrue, it is being used AS A MARKETING CAMPAIGN! The company Cardo Systems, Inc. CREATED these videos to sell more cell phone headsets! They're using fear to capitalize on people's ignorance. Completely despicable...



I don't think it was a marketing campaign. I think a company thought that up AFTER the fact. There are too many different videos of this going around. I just don't believe it. I think they are trying to take credit for it - which is smart.

Also, using their technology merely makes the "radiation" go right into your ear anyway. I recall studies showing that the alternatives to holding at ear were just as bad or worse...


You can't pop corn with a bic lighter, you can't do it with a cell phone. Complete crap.


http://www.snopes.com/science/cookegg.asp false :/


i call bullshit. anonymous back me up.


sorry, what was that? wasn't paying attention...



Scroll to the bottom.

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