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June 30, 2008


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Were the bees really honey bees or were they the Africanized bees or commonly known as the "Killer bees"? If they were the latter that accident could have been potentially hazardous to humans or animals within the area. The Killer bee is known to attack on the sent of another killer bee's pheromones secreted at death. If there were anyone in the vicinity they attack, rain or not. These bees were accidentally set free in Brazil and have soon taken over if not replaced all regular honey bees here in Trinidad & Tobago. They still produce honey but bee keepers have to be extremely careful when maneuvering the hives. I have seen these bees attack the rotary blades of the brush cutters operating in the vicinity of the hives which means they are also extremely sensitive to noise. One should be very cautious in transporting these bees. Being covered from head to toe is important. Bye for now


I hope no one was seriously hurt from the accident. I guess it was a blessing in disguise that the rain helped contain the bees in the trailer.

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