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June 19, 2008


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refurbished computers

No matter what so ever Xp is best i wanna format Vista from my new Dell inspiron and install xp.

cheap computers

I think Dell doesn't specify whether it is slapping downgrade fees on three systems that can be configured with XP.

cheap computers

it will still be able to ship PCs with XP by taking advantage of the downgrade rights built into Vista Business and Vista Ultimate.

used computers

Dell has priced Windows XP downgrade options the same as Vista only selections on its Latitude notebooks, OptiPlex desktops, and Precision desktops and notebooks.

wireless headset

Yes, you need to get the downgrade option if you want to purchase a CPU with XP on it.

plantronics headset

I think Dell is the only one that offers this downgrade option for XP.

telephone headset

Dell customer support is one of the best and they are partnered in with Microsoft, this is why they still able to sell Windows XP.

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