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July 02, 2008


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Check out this guy's response to Ray Comfort's ridiculous banana argument. It's hysterical!


Ooops! I forgot to include the link!


Hahaha... this argument makes perfect sense; if you have enough faith to believe that there is an invisible man who lives in the sky watching your every move, then you have enough faith to believe that the banana is proof that said invisible cloud man exists...

RIP George Carlin


An atheist sent me, in one of my blogs, one word "coconut" as to disprove Ray's banana argument.

To prove what a perfect a design the coconut was and to be tongue and cheek I wrote. Pacific islanders recognize different stages of growth, assigning to them different names. When the nut is young, it is without the white endosperm ("meat"), but filled with "water" and is used for drinking. When older the endosperm is soft and rubbery, a stage preferred by some. When still older, the husk is still green, but the shell is now brown. At this stage the water tastes like sparkling water, though I don’t know if this is from dissolved gases. Finally when mature and the husk brown, the endosperm is usually ground off on a serrated blade and added to other dishes or rendered for oil.

Anyway come on over to my blog Debunking Atheists to talk about it.

Mel Steffor

In the Spring of 2006 God sent a message. The message is about the meaning of First is Last and Last is First. The message is this:

In the morning I go to Heaven. In the afternoon I live my life. In the evening I die, death.
What does this mean? It means that Birth is Last and Last is Birth. God also gives an example so that you can understand this better. Example: Mike Douglas died on his birthday. (Note: Mike
Douglas and Michael Douglas are two different people.)

Mel Steffir

"God is and Atheist, He can't believe how some people are so full of it".
If you believe:
1. Making a mental note that Jesus does exit, gets you into Heaven.
2. Atheists go to Hell.
3. Christains go to Heaven.
4. Jesus Acended into Heaven.
5. Jesus walked on water, healed the sick, and raised the Dead.
6. Your old body comes to life again after 3 days.
7. Virgins give birth.
8. Asking God to forgive you on your death bed grants you forgiveness.
9. Mary is a Goddess.
10. The Bible is the word of God and man did not tamper with it.
11. God can hurl lightning bolts.

You could be full of it. God said Man put his own hand in the bible. It is not the true word of God. God has returned to make some corrections.

Mel Steffir

In 2007 God had this to say:
We each die in succession, then we are born on the same day.

God also gives proof that this message is from him. The proof is in the story of 3 famous people, Mike Douglas, Merv Griffin and Nancy Reagan. Mike dies on his birthday. Merv dies the day after. Merv and Nancy are born on the same day.

So, your thinking, "Is that Proof?" Remember the Bible gives you "No proof". You are told this is the Word of God. You have to have faith. God had Volumns to say and he gives some type of proof with each message.

"The Second coming of God is at Hand". Take heed and make note.
God has returned.

Mel Steffir

I almost forgot the biggest lie told my the Roman Pagan Church.

12. Jesus died for you.

That is a Pagan concept. Why would Jesus have to die for you? Because Eve disobeyed God and ate an apple. If your daughter gets into the cookie jar after she is told not to, Do you Kill and Torture her brother? That would surely grant God's forgiveness.

Mel Steffir

Correction: To the meaning of First is Last and Last is First. It means that Birth is Last and Birth is First. Sorry for the error. God talks in symbols and opposites at times, so it takes time to figure out what he is saying. Some of his messages are clearer than others, plus they have multiple meanings.

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Why, living evidence of Adam, Eve & the Apple - the banana plant "intended" for human consumption has the world's most lethal spider as a "guardian". You gotta question the overall intentions of a creator like that, neh? What fun.

The Brazilian wandering spider or (Phoneutria spp.), armed spider ("aranhas armadeira", as they are known in Portuguese) or banana spider (not to be confused with the relatively harmless species of the genus Nephila) are a genus of aggressive and highly venomous spiders found in tropical South and Central America

The wandering spiders are so-called because they wander the jungle floor at night, rather than residing in a lair or maintaining a web. During the day they hide inside termite mounds, under fallen logs and rocks, and in banana plants and bromeliads.

These spiders are notorious both because of their toxic venom, and because they are not reluctant to attack people who appear threatening. They account for an average of 5 deaths per year.

Its other common name - the "banana spider" - as attributed because it is occasionally found as a 'stowaway' within shipments of bananas.


When I was in a Catholic high school, a friend told me that god designed the vagina and anus close together so a woman could be carried like a 6-pack. Obviously this was meant to be a joke, bit now these intelligent designers are making similar arguments for bananas, and some idiots take them seriously.

Fire and Brimstone

You want proof God exists? How about this... If you were to stick a firecracker in stone, could you find one single, near perfectly round stone from the resulting debris? How then, do you explain the near perfect roundness of the earth, as well as the moon and many other planets, gas or solid, IN THE SAME SOLAR SYSTEM? Maybe some cosmic rock tumbler, lol. You pea-brained atheists tickle me.


Creationism is a very modern(last couple hundred years) idea. Traditional Christianity has always taken the bible as a metaphorical word of god, theologians where highly educated people that would philosophically apply scripture to life(Philo of Alexandria). Any intelligent Christian could not take a genesis literally, The first book contradicts the second on which day god created Adam. Creationist, are really going against 2000 years of traditional Christianity. There is nothing wrong with taking meaning from the bible, but to disregard hard evidence based on some literal interpretation of a book that is full of contradiction, really belittles the wonders of life and the universe.

When Darwin published origins most of the church had no problems with it.


The banana is also shaped well so that it can fit in your ass too.


It would seem that during the great deluge that the banana plant as well as most other plants would have died including the olive trees that can`t accept flooding at all. So Noah had an ark for animals, ok. But who had the ark for the many plants that could not have survived


I'm not going to defend Kirk Cameron, (sp?), or Muslims and their claims of scientific miracles supposedly spelled out in the Qur'an or any other religious zealot. But I will defend the right of non-religious knowledge seekers, like me, to think that there could be a higher power that is responsible for life on earth. I happen to think the creator is a supremely intelligent asshole. Mao, Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot are reasons why I hold this view. Having the most rudimentary understanding of DNA transcription, I can't look at that process and honestly say to myself that it came about through pure chance alone. I can't believe that it was a purely random chemical or mechanical process that brought the spark of life into being. Did DNA come into being on it's own? DNA needs proteins for replication. Did the first amino acids properly sequence themselves without DNA or the necessary proteins to be properly folded into the necessary shape required for their purpose in a living cell? It's the chicken-and-egg question that to me spells higher power. I think atheists make the mistake of rejecting out of hand the idea of intelligent design. Do atheists reject this possibility because religious fanatics think that something like this, intelligent design, could be true? Are many atheists bitter and do they engage in ridicule of others because they have stopped seeking the truth in much the same way as Muslims, Christians, etc... have? Maybe we'll never know for sure what process brought about the first strand of DNA or how the first amino acids were sequenced into the first protein, but I'll never close my mind to the possibilities of our origin.


no , im pretty sure " Tyler Perry " movies prove there is no god the story above is just funny .

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