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July 21, 2008


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dentists in los angeles

I most certainly enjoyed reading this post.It was very informative.


Dental Thornhill

This new technology could drastically change the dental field. The ability to detect cavities as such an early stage could prevent many dental problems from occuring.

Sal Casley

If further developments on this new technology would be done, then the time when the patient needs to stay perfectly still can be reduced. Who knows? Maybe that 30 seconds can become just ten or five seconds. There's a huge possibility, given the progression of today's technology.

Trinidad Philipps

Mm, the removal of the dental drill is a pretty welcome idea. It's part of the evolution in dentistry. In the beginnings of dentistry, there was no real equivalent to the dental drill. Perhaps the new future of dentistry would have a gadget that would seem alien compared to the drill.

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