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July 27, 2008


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OK that was really good. :)

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Its absolutely funny!:):):)

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Mr Ex President!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!


lol omg!@$%@$%@!!!

fuck this comment




XDDD Cracked me up


Oh good god. Now I can't stop.


Oh WTF. I showed this to my mom and she didn't even crack a smile... what's wrong with people?! xD


I have a more sophisticated level of humor. Just plain stupid won't cut it for me. I'm half drunk and I didn't laugh at all.

Put something of actual quality up before I stumble here again.


Funny stuff!


kif, if you didn't think this was hilarious
you have NO sense of humour

every time I look at it I have to chuckle
no matter how many times i've seen it


Meh, I understand the joke but for some reason the delivery just seems kinda... lacking.


You're right. I laugh every time I look at that.


I think it's a funny idea.. it'd be funnier if it were in a single flowing speech bubble, like in comic books.
The scansion is just completely labored by the break for the image... which you've already seen.
You guys probably think I'm humorless, and you're right. I'm so depressed I can't see straight out of my two eyeballs. But, that's where lots of good comedy comes from.
Just trying to formulate constructive criticism.

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:D Hillarious


Haha. Nice. But It doesn't look like a banana to me. :|


i dont get it..


Oh, Bush is stupid joke. How original. What were Obama's grades?

Chad h

Bush was an idiot....
Thank God we have the genius in office now...
Oh, wait...

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