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July 06, 2008


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x-ray fluorescence

Today all toys which are made in china are very toxic.Necessary steps have to take by the law to keep the people safe...


I am really sad by the need to find cheap products has driven us to buy dangerous toys for our pets and our children. When are costs and profit getting going to be small part of a larger plan that says quality and customers well being are our first priority? The USA government needs to do better job overall to protect us from these cheap products from China. I rather not give my cockatiel a toy unless I made it myself or bought it from a company I can trust. Unfortunately, no many trustworthy companies exists anymore.

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The bird plays just like a kid!!Its a lovely shot!!!

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Good stuff to read and to know about the birds life and I like to buy new toys for my birds.

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Womach states that replacing a birds toys regularly will help the bird feel like it does in nature, having plenty of options to chew on, which will make your bird a more pleasant and healthy bird. "Birds love variety and require it to remain stimulated, happy and non-aggressive. A constant supply of fresh, natural toys will reap huge rewards for your relationship with your parrot!"


Excellent warning about the toxic bird toys. Buy only non-toxic toys approved by an avian veterinarian.


I have a seventeen year old lovebird who has had a seizure, and this is probably why. I will try to replace all of her cheaply made toys. Thanks for this article! It was very informative!

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It is not good to hear that we are not aware for some toys where it is made. Usually there are toys which is made from harmful chemical elements. This will cause harm to our child's health. We should make sure that the toys are safe for them to play with.

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