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July 31, 2008


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Dr. Randall Hansen

Thanks for running this media release that mentions the value of our site, QuintCareers.com.

We have the most comprehensive collection of career and job-search resources for job-seekers of all types and life stages -- along with a growing collection of career tools for baby boomers seeking new opportunities and/or career challenges.

All the best.

Cruise Answers

Baby Boomers are the first generation whose parents may live 20 to 30 years beyond their retirement age.That adds a whole new level of complexity, cost, and worry for 50-plus adults. Millions of Boomers may be in a care giving situation for which they have little preparation. The good news is there are some excellent sources of information at sites such as CaringInfo.org, Caringtoday.com, and WorkingCaregiver.com.

Isabella Coldivar

Baby boomers are kind of in a bit of a sticky situation these days. The state of the economy has thrown a wrench in things. Retirement is tricky.

Keep in mind, one company will be there for you to help you navigate through retirement so you can enjoy your golden years to the best of your ability!

AARP is a great source of services and information that can be beneficial to the quality of life. Whats great about AARP is that a membership comes with prescription and travel discounts!

AARP has teamed up with talk show host, Cristina Saralegui and made a fun, customizable video and youre just a click away from being the next guest on Amigos Live! Check out http://www.upclosewithcristina.com/video to learn more and make your own video!

Also, you can enter to win an all inclusive trip for 2 to Miami while youre checking out the site! (And even if you dont win, theres still those great travel discounts that come with the membership!)

Definitely check out AARP for yourself or a loved one. There are really are some great benefits to joining!

I hope its alright that I commented on your blog -- wanted to let you know about the fun video with Cristina and AARPs great benefits. If you have any further questions, please dont hesitate to email me.

Isabella Coldivar
AARP Ambassador

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