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July 10, 2008


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Pure envy?


Man what a whiny hater little bitch you are..Iphone is badass.


Man what a whiny hater little bitch you are..Iphone is badass.


iphones are gay

iphone hater

OMG iphones r the gayest shit ever...
their for fucking idiots who dont know shit about pnones. its pretty much a toy. thats why soo many people like them. try getting a black berry or an android phone if you want a REAL phone.

Brian Madden

you are such a cry baby. "stop pretending that the on-screen keyboard is just as good". dude -- pretend? obviously if you see someone typing away on it just as easy as a keyboard, then apparently it IS as good as a normal keyboard.

let me be just as dumb as you -- "stop pretending you're that you're posting text to a website!"


Brian Madden

oh and how about this stupid ass commenting before me? "if you want a real phone, get an android". whatever, im not going to knock the android, it's a decent phone. but the only reason why my friends bought the android and not the iphone is because they can get it cheaper under a family plan through verizon. the phone is a crappy replica of the iphone. what can it do better? oh, voice activated gps for all you little girls who don't know how to drive to the convenience store to pick up your tampons.


everyone who talks shit about the iphone are just haters im sure we could come up with a bgass list of shit on the blackberry like how the battery fails 5000 times and the trackball just falls out after heavy use and you probably ot like the iphone just cause your broke ass's cant afford one


iphone users = sad faggots who take it oh so readily up there dirty cum filled asses


Ha, you're just mad iPhones own your little Blackberry. :)

the cellphone guru

iphones are a piece of shit u leave your calling area and access the internet bam $400 phone bill trying to fix the peice of shit is retartidly hard and wtf is with apple care u buy it just to find out u still have to get it sent off through u cell phone provider what a load of shit the iphone is a big oversized overweighted piece of shit if u want internet use a computer why pay an extra $300 to surf the internet on a what 3" screen i recomend getting off the apple brand and go with a normal phone these smartphones are gona take over the world look in japan everyphone i see there it still has a keyboard and can do everything the iphone can do 100x better this is my rant.

Dana Koroskov

We are all fighting over materialistic crap! So funny... by the way I hate useless technology. Why do we need useless junk like phones and OS 4 things? I don't get it. Sometimes I wish I lived back in the 1800's. A simpler time. A greater time.


It's a phone! That's all. Just a phone. It is just a useless object without the operator. I can't tell you what the model of my phone is. I don't know. Because I don't care! My phone doesn't take pictures and my camera doesn't make phone calls. And I don't care. My phone makes calls and accepts call. Maybe it gives the occassional brain tumor but hey...I don't need a phone that cooks breakfast or whatever else. These corporations have you by the balls. They promise you doofuses a cheaply made gizmo and you make them wealthier in return. Entertainment for me! I love watching such foolish people. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have studying to do.

New Balance 574

Creditors 4 have better memories than debtors . haaa


apple products are cheaply made fashion accessories. status symbols for useless, uninteresting people. anybody who waits in long lines, no matter the product, clearly are not worth talking to.


Too harsh, the only draw back imo is that the iphone make you look like a faggot; however, if you are a chick it's cool.


ipones suck. Its just another iphone 1 that they remade made 4 or 5 times just with a different design and another camera. To every iphone 4 owner, don't get the iphone 5 save up your money for an android phone you will have a better experience. with easy to access soft keys that take you where you need to go. it also has some muscle on the bone. you wont have to get another phone when you drop it. and by the way, I hear people say "do you have a phone or an iphone". for those people, THE IPHONE IS JUST A PHONE!


I'm more than happy with a good old dumbphone with a damn good camera, You've got Android users talking about how customizable their phones are, you have Iphone uses mincing around like camp old queens flashing the phone saying 'mug me mug me'

Trying to buy a good old dumbphone these days is virtually impossible,all you get from sales personel is "Why don't you want a touch screen or smart phone?" I don't want a damn touch screen or a small QWERTY keyboard, i'm not bothered about how big the frigging screen is either but all the phone manufacturers are doing is ignoring those who are not bothered about apps or a frigging smartphone.

Then you get those who say that i must be envious of them because they have X,Y or Z or i can't afford it, well i've got 2 cars in the drive, the house doesn't have a mortgage, i'm retired and only just turned 40. I'm SURE i can't afford one ((geeze))

All that is happening is a phone racism, x hates y and z because they don't have the trendy phone People use what you want just don't force the issue of who's right and wrong with which phone they have, the last time i checked i was an individual with my own thoughts and desires i don't need big companies defining me as being a nobody just because of the phone i use.


Iphone is full of shit ...........
Google wins ............



You're An Idiot

You're a stupid hipster who's wrong. Guess what the best selling smartphone doesn't have? A fuckin' physical keyboard. You can continue using your stupid paperweight while I enjoy my Galaxy S III.

replacement iphone screen

A fuckin' physical keyboard. You can continue using your stupid paperweight while I enjoy my Galaxy S III.

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