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September 10, 2008


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Kurt Vonnegut said that actors are the greatest liars. He wasn't only writing about R.Reagan. Do you really believe this asshole thinks that Sarah Palin believes dinosaurs were here 4000 years ago. He's a fucking liar, the democrats are scared witless that the republicans are going to steal another election. Fuck You Matt!


Your post makes no sense. What incentive does he have to lie about what he believes or is scared of? I suspect he's expressing his honest fears and concerns. After all, he did live next door to Howard Zinn and does, in fact, get along with him. And as for stealing elections... Yes, I think everyone should be scared that someone could 'steal' the election. Last time I checked, that was called voter fraud and voter intimidation. Might that, possibly be illegal? I'll admit it; I'm afraid the republicans are going to steal another election too.


The fact that we might have someone in the office with what i believe are extreme religious believes is also scary to me.
What McCain and Palin are offering is no better that what we've been stuck with for the last 8 years.
I like Obama but his choice for VP was i think the worst he could find (unless Palin was a Dem.) The VP for Obama is as anti-technology as they come in DC, and to me is unacceptable, this year I dont know who i will vote for, but I wish there were more than just 2 parties that mattered in the election, because sometimes it comes down to choosing the lesses of two evils instead of voting for someone who has really won your support on most of their political agenda.


I feel the same way Alex. what I think we should do is vote for a 3rd party just to get a percentage away from the dem's or rep's. I'd rather not vote for either of them. If we can get more numbers to the other parties then maybe it will help them gain a good running candidate on the next go around.


I'm a little late on this, but Alex, your comment reminds me of the infamous South Park episode where they are forced to choose between the douche and the turd sandwich. I think that's a sad reality in this country. We often have just these choices and ARE forced to decide based on who is the best of the worst. I'm not sure I agree that's what's happening in this election, but I think it's definitely true that there is never one perfect candidate and there are never really enough viable choices.


Julia. In my opinion it should not matter if you have to choose from the best of the worst. To find good, honest people that want to take an office of such extreme power, or to be able to sort them out from the corrupt people would be impossible to do consistently. I think the best thing you can do is limit the damage that a corrupt person can do. Limit the control of the Fed. Give the power to the states.


Its ironic that Mr. Damon says that is scary that Palin could be president when she has little political experience when Obama TOO lacks experience and who the fuck heard of Obama before he stared campaigning, i mean really?

Treasa Ni Mhordha

Really what??? It is most refreshing to hear someone, Matt Damon, who is as scared of Sarah Palin as I am. Please America, anyone but her. I lived through the Magaret Thatcher era and I will guarantee you that your version will be a lot worse. I am a woman who has campaigned all her life (60 years) for equality.

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