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October 01, 2008


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Pretty cool where we are heading in '08


this is what i looking for... thanks

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" Lips thinned against gold-filled teeth, his voice reveals the hurt inflicted by racists. 2 KQCW #74 "Everything Happens for a Reason"The Hills Sun. Moreover, Sartre's most basically and extremely distorted oversimplification, is to assume such freedom so absolutely and unconditionally, with relation to anything more "objectively substantial" than its own "strictly ideational form, " as to disavow even the kinds of strictly psychological let-alone grossly physical determinism, within the objectively conditioned limits and forced options of which such freedom is alone capable of intentionally expressing itself; and which he otherwise deals with very descriptively, in their voluminously as well as NAUSEATINGLY phenomenological intricacy.

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