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October 13, 2008


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This is the most disturbing video i have ever seen.If this crazy woman and her zealots gain control of the country,pograms will be close behind.Do everything you can to get this video out there.

Christopher G.

Hey all, very strange video...
Background music was used to purely to create an eerie atmosphere and enforce a scary sensational viewpoint on what the people had said.

That being said - HOLY F*$K

What has happened to the collective intellect of the American people. No-one in England thinks like that... Holy shazbat. I'm christian, but then i am wholly aware of where the religion itself was made and by whom its being transmitted by- money grabbing ministers who have lied and made up bullschisms to radically dominate the sphere of thinking. Anyone for Zeitgeist?

"God appoints leaders..." ???? SO by that logic God must have appointed saddam hussain and all the other nut jobs telling the people that the west is to blame for all their ills?

This is the same rhetoric that the arab terrorists speak and preach and that my friends- makes you the same.

Brings us back to that classic yankee statement- Living the American Dream, you have to be asleep to believe it.

As Denzel Washington so eloquently put it (as malcolm x) "Have you seen the place where Jesus is from? Are they all white? Jesus must be a black man"

Hilarious. So much worship for something none of them properly understand. But its ok- ya just gotta believe that its the right thing. Cos Jesus said so!
And gimme your oil, because we're giving you democracy and jesus- sandman!

Isnt that exactly the same as the arabs? They apparently have found that its ok to commit suicide- even though their prophet didn't do it himself.

Who cares anyway. One asteroid from space and we'll all be 'one with our lord'. Leave it to the next generation of humanoids to deal with the God paradox...

Love and respect to all! Except the purple people from planetoid Dropa 4.... I know you skum are out to get us...

Fuck that Kunt

Fuck that Stupid Bitch!

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