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October 15, 2008


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I think Joe the plumber works for McCain too. What a joke.


mccain and the republicans sure do attract some stupid and inbalanced people to their rallies. obama's a terrorist, lock up your babies and run for your lives, lol. he's also a communist and even worse- black. im being sarcastic but these people really feel that way, they are called the BASE OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. you know, the same folks responsible for giving us george bush. mccain ran a good campaign last time but now he has done nothing but lie and slander his opponent. most americans seem to have gotten wise to this act finally. lets just pray we have a FAIR election. with all this nonsense about ACORN, the real threat comes from the REPUBLICANS as usual. also... keep your fingers crossed that bush and company dont stage some sort of last minute RED ALERT to frighten people over to the mccain camp. its happened before.

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