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November 17, 2008


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montclair dermatology

No doubt that Skin cancer is more common than any other cancer, and early detection is critical to keeping the cancer localized and minimizing its threat of spreading,you have a nice blog. Keep posting!

by: sphin

Portable Raman

Thank you for sharing this article. I think it's great that we have devices like this that can help detect skin cancer in the early stages. I've had many family members that have been diagnosed with cancer, and early detection has been critical to stopping the progress of the disease.


Amazing! I would love to have access to a portable raman. I think all would benefit of having more access to medical technology.


Thanks for sharing. I would really love to learn more about these portable raman devices. I'm so happy that they just might be able to save lives. Knowledge is power. http://www.intevac.com/intevacphotonics/deltanu/deltanu-products/portable-raman-spectrometers/

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