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December 26, 2008


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Uncle B

Totally Amero-centric game show, leaves out the rising tide of Ubuntu users and is a fitting piece of hegemony and propoganda for U.S. consumption! Next, you'll show Mustangs v.s. Corvettes, and leave out the Tesla! God help you survive as the Chinese intelligentsia turn from your monopolistic capitalistic fee - paying for software, and develop their own systems and minds! They already have "under $200.00 a copy" computers at home, and are encouraged to learn computer languages, U.S. patents not with standing! America lost this battle when a very sick American judge was bought out and ruled that Microsoft could indeed, patent a living language - he cut every gifted American student's throat with this one asinine move!


Wow... what biased propoganda. Paints PC-loyalists as ones who can't backup their claims, and attempts to make Mac users look educated and superior.

And besides, there are PCs out there as thin as the macbook air... and EVERYWHERE IN BETWEEN, based on what you want to do. You don't have a single "solution" shoved down your throat.

May wanna step back and get the whole picture....

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