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January 20, 2009


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In the hair restoration surgery hair follicles are replaced from donor area to recipient area. There are many hair care clinics that hires hair restoration surgeon to give hair transplant treatment. Many troubled people have recovered from the problems by taking the help of these surgeons.


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It is hair restoration surgery works well? You have a nice blog.

by: sphin


interesting theory, great blog btw

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curious information, if this is true we are doomed :)


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benign enlargement prostate. So don’t waste your time and take the advantage of this marvelous invention.

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Hair Loss Remedy

A good herbal hair shampoo provides a preventive solution and minimizes the rate of natural hair loss...

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hair loss treatment

well, while we still have some hairs in our heads we can try to regrow it :)

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"If this theory for androgenetic alopecia by skull expansion is confirmed" ... well .. i think this never will

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Buy Propecia, is used to treat hair lost. Buy Propecia has been the prime treatment for hair lost; other products that treat hair lost on the market are not as effective as Buy Propecia. I proved it and I was astonished.My hair lost completely stop.

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i can hair lost if my head is big????????

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This is a very interesting and informative posting on baldness. Indeed we first need to become more aware about it and its different aspects.


I had no idea that "expansion of the skull" could be the cause of alopecia. Rather, he believed the reason was associated with a poor diet.

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that is a scary skull

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Hi, I think your article its very important and interesting,good work, thanks for sharing!! Have a nice day!


There are ways for Natural Hair Regrowth that most seem to ignore as it may seem to take longer that medical or chemical ways to achieve results but its certainly worth a try in my opinion


Good post, thanks for sharing it.

Jenna J

Thanks for last night ... :)


Nice blog


Hi Joe !!!

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I would be visiting this blog regularly. Thanks for sharing good information.


Thanks for updating information


Hair Loss Has Never Been Fun But There Are Exciting New Advancements That Are Really Changing The Way People View The Issue

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Hehe, so my friend have so big head, its look so funny!!!

Russellville Arkansas

This blog is awesome!! But anyways, any more sound science to prove that skull expansion encourages hair loss.

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