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February 16, 2009


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dam right!
im just now figuring that out for myself
exept for me its different
i cant sneak farts anymore
it used to be silent but deadly
now its very loud and deadly and it sounds like "BLAT"
small amounts of shit blast out with every fart too
like a mist or something
and my ass always itches


Wow, I haven't laughed this much in ages. Wow I will take your advice mate, and NOT SHAVE MY ARSE!!!!

Jordan retro 4

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this is one of the funniest things ive ever read.
never in my life have a laughed amongst no one but myself.



jordan 1 flight low

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because of this story, i laughed so hard in the middle of night!! ROFLOL

Jordan retro 5

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i really laughed my ass off. hahahha thanks lol..



michael b

I have to thank both the writer of this article as well as my friend the blogger. This is classic. I am not sure what's next, forward this along to some friends or actually seeing if a shave will cause the same havoc in my life.

i think i'll do both!


Shaving is not common in most parts of the world. I dont know for sure, but I think it originated from the US. Hair is just...not welcome there. People shave pubic hair, hair on the head, legs, and so on...because they look...gross.

Well, not in my country, though the countries that set America as a goal has started to adopt this feature. Good or bad...who knows.

However, from your story, I think it's not a good thing. I still have a jungle down below. They do their job!

People nowadays usually trade body benefits for beauty, and since I'm old fashioned, I dont do it.


I had a problem with shaving off my ass hairs also, but it wasn't sweat or the exact same type of farting problem. My farting wasn't too difficult after shaving, but it was extremely embarrassing. When I farted with a bald ass, the farts made a loud embarrassing popping sound. I was no longer able to have silent farts like I used to have. Even the unsilent farts didn't sound like normal loud farts. They sounded like popcorn!!!!!! Talk about embarrassing. I am currently disgusted by the nasty long hairs in my ass crack right now, but I have learned my lesson and won't dare shave them again.


Hahahaha that is so funny!! I'm sort of experiencing the itching right now, as when I shaved my vajayjay, I went too far back and now my ass is miserable. It itches/stings. And burns when I pee.


Oh my goodness.... People are looking at me funny... I'm laughing my ass off... Thanks for the story.

Pablo Parlé

Very good.
I was thinking hard to shave my ass from my last crap in which a lot of shit couldn't be wiped off. I sat down to work and it started itching, as I imagined a tangled ball of brown mud and hair forming down there.
Thanks to the all-knowingly internet, I just asked it, and it provided me a very satisfying answer.


This is hella funny! :D.


This story keeps me from shaving my crack lol

hai there

thankyou.. now i know i should never shaved my ass, i almost did because i started pulling it out lololol... but then it hurt so much i stopped pulling and looked this up


omg I laughed so hard that I had stomach cramps! this is too funny! lmao


This was sooo funny! Lmao I almost woke my parents up. Lol

humberto quiroz

trim your hairs donnot shave

Max Hunt

yuck ! all of you don't deserve to live..dirty inferior human beings


then wouldnt it be difficult to have sex??


how does having no asshair make it difficult to have sex...


you don't shave it, you trim it.. so its not a forest down there and you can wipe with ease.


Great writing. That was hilarious.

Steven Miguel

this 'shit' made me lulz so hard... great read


This is pure comedy. You almost killed me. I was laughing too hard. . . But i really don't think it normal to cut your butt hair. It there for some reason i guess. I never have problems


I have shaved my ass many times, and have never had any problems whatsoever. I don't fart much, and when I do, I fart in the can (Toilet) where it's not so embarassing to do it, and it feels smooth. The ass hair itches something fierce and wreaks when it's hot. Not to mention it gets tangled and snagged, so I always shave, and have never had any problems. When stubs start to grow, it's a sign telling me time to shave again, and it's no problem. I hate having a hairy ass, not because it's ugly, but because it's uncomfortable, and itches.

Also the story is extremely funny. I guess some people have problems with shaving their ass, some are lucky like me and have no problems, it depends.

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