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March 24, 2009


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this is pretty cool but I really believe it is fake somehow.. just look at how chameleons change their colors. Chameleons change color in response to changes in the light, or temperature, or mood.

but still a cool video nontheless!


whats this song? Its awesome!
also awesome vid!




Almost positive that's fake. I had a chameleon, and it only changed color based on mood or temp.


Almost positive that's fake. I had a chameleon, and it only changed color based on mood or temp.


It's a commercial for Ray Ban. Cute idea, but the subtlety obviously too much for some people ;)



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Chameleons are cool. Is it true? or did they just use it for sunglasses advertsement. If this is true, wow I would love to have one. I hope by changing colors, it won't harm the chameleons health.


I am shocked!! It is incredible that an animal can do such things!

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I did that to my chameleon and he had the trots for a week.


Anyone who has ever owned a chameleon would know how fake this is. Yes they change color but NOT like that. And it is mostly due to mood. This is just altered. So don't go buy one because of this. They are very sensitive creatures. Make sure you do lots of research before getting a chameleon or any other reptile for that matter. You need to know what you're getting into.


Nobody noticed that it never change to the color of the table.


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