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March 31, 2009


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so gay


Guy couldn't even do a backslide...weak.


I won't deny that they're talented.

But wtf is with the outfits? Like that above poster mentioned: so gay.

I'm a firm believer that talent doesn't need a gimmick.



Melissa C

Very talented and refreshingly fun - I enjoy having fun with music and watching other people do the same.
Yes the "moon walk" was incorrect but I believe that is irrelevant. The head gear was a bit much, even if they just had their faces painted or something, but they are just having fun. ☺


People, it's performance art. It's real talent and if they want to wear strange outfits, well, I say let them. I can't do that and I bet the people who call it gay or lame can't either...

Kacie D.

these guys are amazing. the outfits are so you focus on their performance and not what they look like. and can you do a perfect moonwalk??? i doubt it. why can't people kept their jealous negative comments to themselves. let's see you do something that cool.


The reason for the crazy outfits is that it's part of their show. the premise is that they are 8 aliens from the planet Voca, where people communicate with vocal expressions instead of words. after listening to broadcasts of music from earth for decades, they have decided to pay earth a trip. so never hate w/o knowing the full story. they are amazing. it's a pity talent of this caliber isn't common nowadays.


What ever!! They are fkn awesome!! If you think you can do better. go on and try it. People who tend to say other people are gay have the tendency to turn out gay in the end!! enjoy!

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i think this have a piece of everything, 'cause it's lame, pathetic and also gay...

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I fully support luring, seducing, bamboozling, and distracting with humor, heart, sexiness, and general good storytelling in order to sneak in your politics. Because if it's not fun, who cares, other than the people who already cared and won't be changed by your play either way?


This had so much potential to be cool, and there is a lot of talent there...but it's just so goofy.

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