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August 17, 2009


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This is all nice, but has nothing to do with what we really know - it is just a theory that Earth looked like that before, and that it will turn into this, let alone the ridiculous information about it's age.
I recommend you to read some serious literature and you will see that God had created the world in a much shorter time, and He didn't play around with the way it looks like much.


Phillip has imaginary friends. Grow up.


Phillip has imaginary friends,that dont talk to him,or anyone else,or help anyone,or can do anything really.
Sad thing,Phillip is probably,grown up in body,but still beieves in a flat earth,imaginary friends,the easter bunny and the devil makes him act like that when he sees a another boy.


Phillip - Who made the rest of the universe, or even the other planets?? I've never heard about that on Sunday morning!


You can not believe in God! That I respect, but believe in this bullshit ? How can this "cientists"(Priests of the evolution religion) say something about things they don´t know. They don´t know if will rain tomorrow!

And you ever saw a whale ? Why can´t dinossaurs and men exist together? Search about it, you´ll find many proofs of that. They was called as Dragons




Millions and millions and billions of years! Always that to explain what they don´t know.

But there´s a millions of fools to believe in that, and send money to this "cientists"


oh lawdy we have a bunch of creationist whackjobs and religious zealots

Science is not a religion :)


Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.
Albert Einstein, "Science, Philosophy and Religion: a Symposium", 1941


Why can't dinosaurs and men have lived together... hmmm. I think they did in a few TV shows and movies but those were fiction.

Even someone who believes in God can't dispute that dinosaurs and men could not have lived at the same time. Anyone who thinks that is even dumber than average...


I said "Search about it", you didn´t do that.

And in the bible says about dragons and men together

Every single kind of population in the whole world has a legend about a Dragon(As all dinossaurs are called), described exacly as a dinossaur and about a big Flood too. Internet and letters do not exist, I´m talking about many continents, they don´t knew each others. The "legends" are the same everywhere

Even today we still seeing giant animals. Really, Really giant !!!

There are a lot of evidences that a flood ocurred. (petroleum is possible to be one of that)

There are many ancient artefacts that have dinossaurs designed by MEN equal to many species founded in fossil. And in various of that there are drawings about groups of men hunting dinossaur exacly figured as many species.

This "cientists" don´t know even how the egypt piramids was made and wanna talk about things they don´t know, with "precision".

All I ask is those who believe in Evolution, say "I THINK IT COULD BE LIKE A GIANT EXPLOSION of nothing and nothing became everything" But you say like it´s a TRUE FACT.

This is just a theory, just like the someone who believes in GOD, you believe in "something"... Your "god" is a theory, and it´s invisible and imaginary

That´s why I said it´s a religion, because you believe in a theory that CAN`T be proof!!!

Grampa Frog

Science is not a religion :)

Evolution is not science


phillips rite...i mean how did the very first thing happen, you can go on and on abuot tthe big bag thaory but , for a 'bang' to happen there would have had to be something there in the first place. the very first thing to be made would HAVE TO be created by something or someone like god. really proves everything!!


Paul, our universe could be a miniscule, non-important factor in a selfsustaining system far beyond our imagination, like a little screw in a big ass clock.

The fact that we do not know what made the big bang, does not prove God to be true, the big bang theory predicts that the universe is expanding, that is true, and at some point the universe was a singularity, evidence points torwards that, and then.. it expanded and here we are, thats all the big bang theory is, it doesnt try to explain anything else, because we dont know what happened.

You however conclude that "god did it", because we will probably never know what caused the big bang, or where everything came from, but lets say an ENTITY created the universe, well, thats not god dude, maybe it was just some bored entity above our comprehension that decided to spliff up a new universe and then leave.

What created God by the way? Your own arguement fucking discredits your whole fucking logic, if something HAS to be created by someone, then who the fuck created God? And what created that thing? And the thing above that?

Maybe we should just conclude that we dont know what the fuck happened at the beginning, and then try to figure out ways to find out, instead of just sitting on your ass and say "God did it", because your arguement is as stupid as saying;

"The universe had to be created by something.. something like a thinking cow.. that proves it!"

Think rationally for a fucking moment, jesus christ you religious nuts are fucking insane.


Fatal error in earth.sys -- reboot universe? [Y/N]_

thank you, Unnar!
When I was scanning the comments I was afraid that I had to write a comment like yours... i'm glad theres someone with a brain here.

Grampa Frog

Unnar, That´s point! But it´s said as a Religion, that God created everything.

And Evolution as said as FUCKING "SCIENCE" ! That´s the problem... Both must be said as religions... There are many people who believes in that "fucking millions and billions of years ago in a galaxy far, far away..." because think this is "Scientific"

But this big bang theory go far and try to explain things that happened in earth that they don´t know, and describe it with "precision"

Someone belives in Jesus, others in Buda, others in Maomé and others in a "big explosion"


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I don't know if you understand what the term theory means... Theory in a scientific context implies an idea or system which has withstood a great deal of scrutiny and has yet to be proven incorrect, this is how it differs from an hypothesis. The whole point of doing science is to come up with a neat idea about how something works and then attempt to prove yourself wrong. This is why we call things like evolution a theory, because its 99% correct. It is impossible though to be 100% certain about anything so scientists leave room for that new information.

Unfortunately many of the people posting here are 100% retarded, which leaves no room for new information. Good luck with the dino riding flintstones idea, and the rest of your life, your gonna need it.


holy cow people don't get anything nowadays. Science isn't a religion. It's a study (something the hasn't been put into religion). Truthfully the Big bang is all too logical. This "nothing" of the big bang is not "nothing" It was the super compressed remnants of an ancient universe. That universe compressed under gravity (gravity exists as all of you know) and then exploded due to pressure. (we have seen Stars do the same thing, it has been named a supernova) The explosion of this super compressed mass launched out to form many clouds of particles, these particles settled together to form rocks, and soon rocks into planets. It was very malicious with millions of asteroids crashing into weak planets, some of them shattering. Some "planets" were created of massive clouds of hydrogen and then went through the process of compression and nuclear fission to create stars(much larger then planets due to the amount of gas needed to create it). When those clouds weren't big enough they formed planets similar to Jupiter, consisting of mainly gases. Eventually all the planets settled, but i will focus on the earth now. The Earth would have appear as a hot, molten rock. Getting pummeled with meteors and splashing off rocks, and then growing.(the meteor would become part of the planet) Soon the over emmission of CO2 into the atmosphere(much more then ours now) triggered the activation of microbes that use Co2 and emit oxygen. The growth of oxygen amounts then caused them to adapt to the changes and evolve into more advanced microbes. Soon some evolved to be heterotrophs (live by eating other things)and evolved into more advanced predators. After Millions of years there were small fish that appeared, feeding off the micro-organisms. Then they developed legs and so on and so forth. The adaptions put them into categories, such as mammals. Mammals evolved and after billions of years developed into us. Religion doesnt fit. It was invented years ago, not even 1% of the earths history.


Would it be possible to assume that this is was not the first Big Bang. That there has been a series of big bangs and thus multiple universes over the ages? So we are just Universe version 4.3 or something like that. Perhaps ours would not be the last one as well.

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