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October 19, 2009


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I wouldn't call this 'hysterical'...I'd call it recycled shit that's been doing the rounds since 1997 and is regularly posted by assholes with no imagination who have websites that have zero original content.

I mean, after all, why bother creating something and having a website that's worthwhile when you can just steal content from elsewhere on the internet.

Only about 2% of the net is original, the other 98% is just ass-hats like you copying and re-posting that 2% over and over.


Shut the fuck up Jeff.

Frankfurt Motor Show

Thats funny reading those words!:)

Frankfurt Motor Show

Even its a recycled one its good to remember the past thing ..........LOL!!!!!!!!!!


go jeff

Mulberry Vesker På Nett

umiddelbart forbedre den generelle formen av moten.
Den svart-hvitt

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