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November 23, 2009


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If kevin smith had made a single worthwhile movie in the last decade

only THEN should anybody listen to what he has to say regarding other HIT movies


"Only if you have created a HIT movie should you be allowed to have opinions on movies."


Kevin Smith is Hilarious, and Bono up there with his weird beard should refrain from being so jealous. Don't worry Kevin, He only says it because he was one of the moist ones.

Besides Bagging on Bono, Have you ever seen those movies. They are horrendous. The main character cant act for crap. Every facial expression is the same :0
The animation wasn't bad but the acting was crap, and the story well... You see where this is going.

What it all boils down to is your either in to Bestiality or Necrophilia.

Ahmed Zorgui

Revulu, that's like saying all food critics have to be world class chefs, everyone has the right to criticisms no matter how good or bad another individual thinks they are. You need to be more open minded

Nike Free Run

ny høst og vinter, fulgte forrige århundre, 60, 80 klassiske designelementer, mens omfatter moderne pop design,

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