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December 08, 2010


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wowww!! :D


In Soviet Russia, wtf is this?

Account Deleted

yes definitely this type of blogs are really help for people great job.



Fucking awesome. That girl has testicles the size of a blue whale's.

prom suits

Omg!!! Is she really a girl she has lots of guts doing the jump. Me i cant do it jumping on that high building. If i do it i think im going to faint.


This truly proves, Russian women are braver than american men.

David Adams

SOME Russian women are braver than the characters who say they are braver than American men.


Politeness dictates ladies first.


WTF is she doing out of the kitchen in the first place!

bitch plz

being fucking AWESOME is what shes doing out of the kitchen. go make her a sandwich, tool.

Nike Free Run 2 Norge

Denne skoen innersåle er festet til en mikro-datamaskin ved hjelp av batteri, kan det bli nøyaktig målt av trykksensoren til de pågående aktiviteter bærerens,

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