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April 18, 2011


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That is so cool. Where can I find out more about it?


you can always nuke them in the microwave and get a similar result.

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très bon spot et je reviendrai la prochaine fois.

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Wow, this is safe? I prefer buy another one to be sure :D

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These are wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

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you sound like you're from london.

Robyn Sheppard

I prefer to erase my CDs & DVDs via the old-school analog method: smash 'em up with a hammer.


If you bend them a little bit in a special way they burst in thousands of small shivers!


I just....drop my jaw


ends up clear, so its erased ok, but can u actually use it again?

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I burn them

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Now, I am not delete my CDs and DVDs via the old fashioned analog method. Thank you for making a sincere effort to explain this video. I feel strong enough about this video.

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We may no longer have the tolerance for our or others unhealthy patterns or behavior.

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woo,It is my pleasure to share this ,good luck for you!

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