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May 19, 2011


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dude, if she had said no, i would have just died.

Mr Job

I cried ............ :s


He just took proposing to a whole new level


ohhh aala;-) i just wish i could get one of a kind type marriage proposal as well......


OMFG i cried!!


yep. i cried.


That dude is brilliant, but BOY does he have a lot to live up to!

nico miller

wait a second here... what about the real movie they were going to go watch...?


I cried!!!

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Lindsay Marie

This is so cute!

savannah nicole

this was so cute...i cried


not a dry eye in the house, and my breakfast is burnt because i couldn't walk away! gold!!


Yup, amazing. What a lucky couple!


i want to get proposed to like thisss....that was amazing!


Imagine if you were at this theater and just wanted to see the damn movie...


Big deal. I only cried 4 times.. that was soooooo freaking unbelievably awesome!!!! :"(


The best news I have seen in 9 months! No not pregnant - living with earthquakes! Awesome Happy! thanks so much,for your joy in my heart. xxx

Justine W.

ok was i the only one who thought "run matt run!!" when he started running to his car?


wow, what a guy, man thumbs up for you, big time


http://www.mattandginny.com/ they have a site with all their interviews and stuff... freaking crazy

michell lemen

oh yes, i so cried. What a wonderful story to tell your children.

Blake G.

They weren't really watching a movie. All of the people were there friends.


I would be flattered by the idea and the thought of the proposal. Although it was, I'm assuming, a whole lot of cash spent, hopefully the man is smart enough to know how to manage his money so he can pay for later expenses. But if we are living together and he can't pay the mortage and we are getting evicted from our house and we can't afford for our children, he's 1. going to watch this video then, 2. I'm going to kill him!!!!!!!


dude that is the shit i lved it and i cried


i was crying like a huge ass baby!


awwwwwwe! this was so cute


Universal Pictures produced it? =P


AMAZING!!!!! I cried! :)


okkkkkkkk, miss. kill-joy up there. lets make jealousy more obvious.

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