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May 21, 2012


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 tisa caps

People in many cases all need to wear a hat. In a foreign country, pay more attention to hats, shoes and socks, belts, head, gloves, parasols and jewelry and so on are considered part of the form a complete set in fashion. Thus, since the whole humorous, and appears high elegance. Only. The only way to the match fashion, to enter the senior wear. So, the hat and dress how to match? Hat and coat, scarf and must be gloves, skirt, trousers, etc of supporting. It is to point to hats and between them in style, appearance, on colour to one integrated mass, and cooperate with each other, to give a person a kind of harmonious and unified and enjoy of beauty. Otherwise, appear nondescript, can't let people love it. Hat and fashion match, is very exquisite, for example, high-grade felt French woman? Hat, match on western-style clothes and coat, this is how a romantic and grave poise of dress up! If the French woman cap and match the Chinese dress is not harmonious. Ski cap and suit, combining to also do not appear to coordinate. In the mass sports and for all kinds of entertainment, become indispensable supplies.
Hat and fashion, match a fashion[url=http://www.wholesaletisahats.com/]cheap tisa caps[/url]
Pay attention to dress in supporting today, women can not be neglected hat is one of important decorations. When you dressed in a fashionable clothing, and put on a modelling, colour of humorous vivid hat, can give a person with bold and unconstrained in take a bit murky, in simple but elegant smooth add a few minutes of gorgeous perception, which shows that the wearer charm, appeal and aesthetic ability. [url=http://www.wholesaletisahats.com/]wholesale tisa hat[/url]
The colour of the hat and the clothing should be the color photograph humorous, such as clothing and the mass-tone attune of the close to, then give a person with pure and fresh and elegant sense; Such as clothing color and contrast is formed, it was a lively and speed.
The style of the hat, which should be supporting and dress. Hat and clothes, scarves and gloves, jewelry and other should one integrated mass, and cooperate with each other, give a person with humorous attune unity, the beauty of the perfect for each other.
Different colour, modelling hat to the person with different visual effect. Therefore, in the choice should be according to your own hat appearance, enhances strong points and avoid weaknesses, choosethemostsuitableforatopofherhat.[url=http://www.wholesaletisahats.com/]wholesale tisa hats[/url]
First deal with their own clear-cut. If you head relative to your body is bigger, don't choose a big hat. A top tie up small headscarves type can make your hat head and body in proportion to the size balance. Small and exquisite lady should choose medium size have caps and with hard hat. With the song hat make you look more, but too high a short people can't wear high hat, or tall more not harmonious, short personal will look more short.
The hat wearing method also has exquisite. A top is to wear on the head hat make face looks a plump, face very thin people should choose the ways to wear, horizontal Angle will make your face and jaw appear more wide. The hat inclined to form a inclined Red Cross make face appear more slender, suitable for the face a wider people choose. The size of the hat must be appropriate. Too tight hat can cause discomfort and even cause headaches. Too loose hat easy to slide and look ridiculous. In order to put a little tight, can will be sewn in lined the inner circle and in the hat in lined with some liner; Hairdo can't and the size of the hat hat and conflict. Usually, will short hair smooth to the brain or will long hair dish a simple ", can make the hat looks fashionable and elegant. [url=http://www.wholesaletisahats.com/]tisa hat[/url]
In addition to its adornment sex hat outside, still have very strong practicability. As in the occasion of a top prevent bask in the sun hat, for you will sunbonnet shading block Yang; The cold winter a top hat, the fur knitting wool cap can make your head from the descent of the cold wind.

  tisa hat

Beautiful and lovely, classic, KaWaYi, comfortable are the ball ball cap pronoun, the face of the ordinary after careful design dress up plus big fluffy ball of the ball will become more attractive, winter is coming whether you want to consider to buy some of the beautiful silk hat? Bring it will addfestivalromanticatmosphereoh,don'tmissit![url=http://www.wholesaletisahats.com/]tisa hat[/url]
Furry hat looks open have warm love can you go as a noble oh. The carnival of the fashion now head: hat as a whole have fashionable feeling prop of ascension, and will also be the different design hat tie-in and different clothes and hairstyles. That's right, this winter but not tolerate a negligent oh. Crooked wear knitting zheng cap for sweet she increased nifty taste.
Put on a lovely white MaoXianMao as if returned to pure childhood, show a clear pure melting temperament. Flash blue and sapphire blue joining together into exaggerated stripe, hats and dew shoulder dress up and down echo, conspicuous. Shallow orange flowers and blue dress strong bump color, contrast exaggeration. But, even the earrings and accessories are blue, blue is really onseemstobetoomuch.[url=http://www.wholesaletisahats.com/]wholesaletisa hats[/url]
When a warm winter and fashionable become must be considered in the elements, we dress collocation to be faced the threat of dull moment. Many of our more powerful adornment single product to light up the drab winter clothing. Besides color gorgeous design changeful scarf, we also need a high-profile upgrade finalize the design hat streets big queen.
Can create the beauties of the lady elegant bearing, and no PI cao's heavy feeling. Optional rich administrative levels feels brought knitting scarf is of this one season girls love heart. Gray NeZi edge little hat particularly grab an eye, echo metal feels intense handbag appear expensive gas is dye-in-the-wood. [url=http://www.wholesaletisahats.com/]wholesale tisa hat[/url]
Lazy black coat collocation PI cao LouisVuitton graffiti knitting scarf and ten with warm meaning unlined upper garment fashionable grab an eye. The attraction of camel's hair rabbit hair or hat, with a warm ear bag, tempting to love.

wholesale tisa snapback hat

Don't be afraid to wear a hat! "Formally appeal you super beauty, dress up not guilty, tie-in hat absolutely" li ", don't be afraid to throw the eye of others, unless you because collocation errors brings funny image, or even though saint-saens conspicuously took to the streets to go to! A lot of people go abroad have this kind of experience, walking in foreign countries, shopping, wear a hat, wearing sunglasses, the fashionable dress (at least beyond his normal image many), still comfortable and have faith; a back in domestic, then immediately and become to sit on the edge of the Cinderella pumpkins. In fact why? Look at full popular men and women, have long and foreign tide synchronous parallel, please break the "block" plot, as long as your whole collocation appropriately, don't pack too fashion; the rest assured, the absolute is shooting 100% appreciation vision yo! [url=http://www.wholesaletisahats.com/]cheap tisa cap[/url]
1, sports cap
Sports cap is always full of youthful vitality of the symbol, give a person relaxed, natural impression!
(chun xia, suitable for all kinds of > : T-shirt, shirt, match jeans, vest skirt, or simple cotton dress.
: suitable for DengXin RongKu, jeans, cowboy clothing, parka, baseball coat, big sweaters.
2, the disc cap[url=http://www.wholesaletisahats.com/]cheap tisa caps[/url]
The disc cap for young and old, wool knitting, flannelette, material, linen material? All sorts of different material disc cap, almost apply to all kinds of clothing and tie-in combination, might as well try to look at.
"Chun xia th > : T-shirt, jeans, grid unlined upper garment, long dress, a miniskirt, bell bottoms, even the body tight dress are suitable for, is almost full here?
: jean jacket, big sweater, multi-layer dress pack, the strength... So!!!!!May be too formal or too movement in addition to dress up is not suitable for outside, the rest are available.

tisa hat

The cap is the collocation of qiu dong very use a, simple dress build on a hat, not only to keep warm, choose the suitable for his hat still can rise to the marvelous effect of thin face oh oh oh oh. Today is small make up a few introduce hat, in the winter change little face qiao mm. [url=http://www.wholesaletisahats.com/]tisa caps[/url]
Plain coloured no other hat: the pink of quietly elegant very sweet feeling don't think no adornment plain coloured hat is too common, not new, like such a top club simple pattern cap, casual wear in the head, lovely ball let you temperament more sweet. Because dai in the overhead hat fell after the head nature, the face of the foil more small, if again tie-in sex strong modelling on big earrings, the size of the contrast to the person with visual illusion, played a very good got-up face action.
Protective ear decorative pattern plait hat: this kind of style is especially suitable for the face compares broad female a cover of the ear warm knitted cap live often can rise the unexpected heat preservation effect. Hang on both sides in the protective ear warm, and covered the wide quadrate face, again tie-in gently beautiful long hair, the double conceal, immediately make tempting pointed out small face effect. [url=http://www.wholesaletisahats.com/]wholesale tisa snapback hat[/url]
Light cone: with the agitation restoring ancient ways, visions improved more flavor queen, appear more fashionable feeling, reveal the nifty cool feeling, but mm people to pay attention to, don't mean after tide, suits own is your best choice. As this is the design of short around, for big face of the MM for, which is the best long curly hair, and so we have cut face effect.
The flower adornment without eaves knitted cap: on the cap don't a ornamental flowers tied up with the two small horsetail is nifty and lovely. Never look down on the ornament of flowers, little detail to give you the result that expect is less than. Beautiful flowers attract people's attention, scattered people to the sensitivity of the facial lines, and have played a very good thin face effect.
Round of an pop history: this hat neck is deep hat, able to cover the good face, down the width of an embellish line, flower adornment of side of your deck more moving. Bright color foil a pink good color of skin, the scarf that collocation fastens with color, and the collocation of echo show is the envy of hand little face. [url=http://www.wholesaletisahats.com/]wholesale tisa snapback hats[/url]

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